Jungle Plug Services

Automated Dynamic Pricing Management

We use software to aggressively attack your competitors’ price. Many of your competitors will out-maneuver you in the buy box by pennies through effective and consistent monitoring of prices and use of repricing software.

Repricing isn’t all about beating your competitors’ price, sometimes it’s best to wait for a competitor to sell down their inventory at a very low price and sell yours behind them more profitably. Sometimes aggression is the best strategy; other times patience is optimal. We make the highest expected value decisions with your inventory in order to maximize profits.

We also manage MAP protected items and maximize price by being fast to mark down items that come off MAP. Usually the first to mark down off MAP products takes the lowest mark down and achieves the fastest sell thru.

Full Inventory & Catalog SKU Creation

Creating SKUs can be incredibly tedious and time consuming. Depending on your industry, you could have thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of unique items with sales potential on Amazon; creating Amazon SKUs for each item requires extensive man hours.

We use proprietary software to create thousands of SKUs at once. Our staff will also create SKUs for items that have multiple listings on Amazon in order to capitalize on additional traffic.

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor with products that don’t have listings on Amazon, we will create and optimize those listings.

Full Coverage Inventory Feeds

Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor who wishes to sell on Amazon, we can automate your inventory availability to synchronize with Amazon so that your items in stock are always available for sale on Amazon.

Drop Shipping Feed Management

If you have a supplier who will drop ship for you, we will set up a separate inventory feed into Amazon and automate that supplier’s inventory availability to synchronize with Amazon.

Many retailers have vendors and suppliers who are happy to drop ship direct to consumer. These are great spots for an Amazon seller to reduce fulfillment man hours and only buy the merchandise that has already sold.

Purchasing Recommendations

We will research all products that are available to you in order to recommend the best products to sell on Amazon. We do this research daily to find the very best opportunities to maximize sales and GMROI.

It’s important to understand all of the conditions that exist in order to prioritize what products to buy. Some conditions exist on Amazon outside of the norm for a retailer. Typically, a seller would choose from the most popular items that can be sold the fastest at the highest margins. All of that still matters, but several other factors are important in determining whether or not that item will sell on Amazon. Listing conditions are a big factor. Amazon is such a vast marketplace that, quite often, the condition of the listing is so poor that it makes it nearly impossible for the average Amazon shopper to find and buy even the most popular items. We look at EVERY listing before we recommend a purchase.

Vendor Relations Assistance

Many brand names only allow Amazon selling privileges on a limited basis or to a limited number of retailers. We have spent years navigating these waters and lobbying for Amazon selling privileges with major brands. A “no” isn’t always a firm “no” for a retailer, an understanding of every brand’s distribution strategy coupled with extensive information on selling privileges that are being afforded to your peers is vital during the lobbying process. We’ll help you soften your vendor’s position.

Easy, Accurate, Fast Shipping Plans

We use proprietary software to quickly help your shipping and receiving staff scan in and process shipments to Amazon warehouses. The process of allocating items and organizing shipments to Amazon warehouses utilizing Amazon’s software is lengthy and cumbersome. We use software that drastically cuts down man hours associated with shipping to Amazon.

On Hand Inventory Review

Wholesalers, distributors and retailers typically have inventory in stock that is better off being sent to Amazon for fulfillment than sitting in their stock waiting for their respective customer to buy.

We use proprietary software to check EVERY listing associated with your on hand inventory in order to find opportunities to sell your products that you already own, much faster. This allows you to cleanse on hand inventory, take advantage of opportunities to “win the buy box” on Amazon by buying the item from yourself and turn your inventory much faster.

FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) Inventory Review

Sometimes, we make an ideal purchasing decision, but the item still doesn’t sell as expected. Once you’ve sent an item to an Amazon warehouse, it’s usually a good idea to keep it there instead of incurring additional shipping costs. However, in some cases, the condition of the listing has deteriorated, the price in the buy box is below MAP, the competition has increased or any number of harmful scenarios to the salability of that item, in which case we may decide to recall products to avoid long term storage fees.